The Island II
The Island II
Season Information
Season No. 30
Location Colón Island, Panama
No. of Episodes 9
Winners Preston Charles
Kimora Blac
Celestia Ludenburg
Season Chronology
Previous Generations
Next Lifelines III

The Island II is the 30th season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 2nd installment of the The Island Series. Following The Island & proceeded by The Island III.


Somewhere off the coast of Panama, 20 A-Tv Challengers are dropped into shark-infested waters. After swimming for safety, they come upon The Island. Here, veterans and rookies alike will compete for a share of a $300,000 buried treasure during the latest season.

But this time around, say goodbye to weekly challenges because survival is the only challenge. Gone are the days when a comfy bed and a fully stocked bar greeted the contestants after a difficult day. On The Island, competitors will have to find their own food and shelter. Staying in the game won't be half as hard as staying alive in the harsh jungle wilderness.

Of course, the social aspect is only one facet of this complex competition. During their time on The Island, contestants must construct two boats that they will eventually use to reach a nearby island. On the other island, $300,000 in gold awaits the first four people to lay claim to it. How will they build these boats? Materials will be air-dropped in every few days, but it's up to the contestants to assemble the pieces and make sure their vessels are seaworthy.

Once the boats are complete, only eight key-holders will be allowed to board. In order to get a key, contestants must risk it all in a three-way face-off. Yup, each week three contestants do battle, and one leaves -- leaves for the other island, that is. After each face-off, the winner receives a key, and one of the losers is voted off The Island. Naturally, the rules can change at any time and no key-holder is ever completely safe.

While friendships and alliances are extremely important in such a cutthroat game, romance just might trump them both. When old flames are reunited and new relationships emerge, anything can happen. Some contestants might let their hearts lead them right out of the game while others might try to charm their way to victory. But no matter what happens, drama is inevitable.

Anything goes in this 20-person melee, but only four will emerge victorious. It's a race for buried treasure unlike any other, where staying alive is just as important as staying ahead of the game. Drama, heartbreak and treachery are all guaranteed, so just one question remains: who will conquer The Island?


Player Original Season Finish
Preston Charles Cutthroat Winners
Jason G Lifelines
Kimora Blac AYTO 5: Dominican Republic
Celestia Ludenberg Lights Out II
Paul Abrahamian Exes Runners-Up
Cayla C Bloodlines
Cheyenne "Rihanna" Cutthroat II
Schatar "Hottie" Taylor AYTO 5: Dominican Republic
Cookie Monster AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 8
Cameron Dallas Fresh Meat
Shane Raines Generations
Nick Bateman Lifelines
Alecia Holden Free Agents Episode 7
Prettyboi B Lifelines Episode 6
Natalie Nunn Lifelines Episode 5
Dallas MacDermant Cutthroat Episode 4
Larxene Cutthroat Episode 3
Tila Tequila AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 2
Rocky Lynch Battle of the Seasons
Amber Siyavus Fresh Meat II Episode 1


Each week 3 volunteers or cast members voted for will participate in a 3-way Face-off. For the first 4 episodes the winner of the Face-off will get keys while the 2 losers will face a public vote. The person with the most votes will leave the island while the person with the least votes will stay and also earn a key.

Episode 5 onward the Winner will no longer gain a free key, but instead have to steal one from one of the key holders. The 2 losers who lose the Face-off will not be able to gain a key from surviving the public vote.

In episode 8 everyone who doesn't have a key will compete one last time to try and earn their spot into the final. The winner will once again be able to steal a key from any of the key holders but this time resulting in stolen key holder's elimination.

Everyone with a key will make their way to the final where they must choose a boat to race to the final prize.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $300,000 ($300,000 each)
  • Second Place: $0 ($25,000 each)

Game SummaryEdit

Voting ProgressEdit

Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Finale
Preston Hottie Paul Larxene Win Natalie Alecia Alecia WINNER
Jason Hottie Tila Larxene Dallas Natalie Alecia Alecia WINNER
Kimora Amber Paul Larxene Safe Natalie Alecia Alecia WINNER
Celestia Amber Tila Natalie Kimora Natalie Prettyboi Win WINNER
Paul Amber Safe Larxene Kimora C. Monster Prettyboi Hottie LOSER
Cayla Amber Win Larxene Kimora C. Monster Prettyboi Hottie LOSER
Cheyenne Amber Tila Larxene Dallas C. Monster Alecia Alecia Win LOSER
Hottie Safe Paul Natalie Dallas Natalie Prettyboi Safe LOSER
Cookie Monster Amber Paul Natalie Dallas Safe Win Hottie Elim
Cameron Hottie Tila Larxene Kimora C. Monster Prettyboi Alecia Elim
Shane Amber Paul Win Dallas C. Monster Alecia Alecia Elim
Nick Hottie Paul Larxene Dallas Natalie Prettyboi Hottie Elim
Alecia Amber Tila Natalie Kimora Natalie Safe Elim
Prettyboi Amber Tila Larxene Dallas C. Monster Elim
Natalie Hottie Paul Safe Dallas Elim
Dallas Win Tila Natalie Elim
Larxene Hottie Tila Elim
Tila Hottie Elim
Rocky Hottie Med Evac
Amber Elim
VOTE 9 - 8 8 - 7 9 - 5 8 - 5 6 - 6 6 - 5 6 - 4

Key holdersEdit

Episodes Key Number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Dallas Hottie
2 Cayla Paul
3 Shane Natalie
4 Alecia Preston Kimora
5 Jason Cheyenne
6 C. Monster
7 Celestia
8 Cheyenne