The Island
Season Information
Season No. 8
No. of Episodes 9
Winners Preston Charles
Jake Miller
Renee Graziano
Janelle Shanks
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Season Chronology
Previous Battle of the Exes
Next Cutthroat II

The Island is the 8th season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 1st installment of the The Island series. Spawning 2 sequels The Island II, The Island III.


Somewhere off the coast of Panama, 20 former Real Worlders and Road Rulers are dropped into shark-infested waters. After swimming for safety, they come upon The Island. Here, veterans and rookies alike will compete for a share of a $300,000 buried treasure during the latest season of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

But this time around, say goodbye to weekly challenges because survival is the only challenge. Gone are the days when a comfy bed and a fully stocked bar greeted the contestants after a difficult day. On The Island, competitors will have to find their own food and shelter. Staying in the game won't be half as hard as staying alive in the harsh jungle wilderness.

And, for the first time ever, there are no predetermined teams going into this Real World/Road Rules Challenge. That means it's up to the contestants to forge their own alliances -- or not. Who will be left out? Who will opt to be a loner? Which alliances will be torn apart by treachery? Only time will tell...

Of course, the social aspect is only one facet of this complex competition. During their time on The Island, contestants must construct two boats that they will eventually use to reach a nearby island. On the other island, $300,000 in gold awaits the first four people to lay claim to it. How will they build these boats? Materials will be air-dropped in every few days, but it's up to the contestants to assemble the pieces and make sure their vessels are seaworthy.

Once the boats are complete, only eight key-holders will be allowed to board. In order to get a key, contestants must risk it all in a three-way face-off. Yup, each week three contestants do battle, and one leaves -- leaves for the other island, that is. After each face-off, the winner receives a key, and one of the losers is voted off The Island. Naturally, the rules can change at any time and no key-holder is ever completely safe.

While friendships and alliances are extremely important in such a cutthroat game, romance just might trump them both. When old flames are reunited and new relationships emerge, anything can happen. Some contestants might let their hearts lead them right out of the game while others might try to charm their way to victory. But no matter what happens, drama is inevitable.

Anything goes in this 20-person melee, but only four will emerge victorious. It's a race for buried treasure unlike any other, where staying alive is just as important as staying ahead of the game. Drama, heartbreak and treachery are all guaranteed, so just one question remains: who will conquer The Island?


Player Original Season Finish
Preston Charles Cutthroat Winners
Jake Miller Lifelines
Renee Graziano The Island
Janelle Shanks Rivals
Leigh-Anne Pinnock The Island
Jason G Lifelines Runner-Ups
Grimace Fresh Meat
Prettyboi B Lifelines
Johnny "Bananas" Lifelines
Nany González Lifelines
Girls Generation Rivals Episode 8
Shark-Ira The Island
Sarah Oliver Rivals
Hannah B Lifelines Episode 7
Miffy The Island Episode 6
Miranda Sings The Island Episode 5
Sean Paul The Island Episode 4
Miami Microwave Rivals Episode 3
Nick Bateman Lifelines Episode 2
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat Episode 1

Game SummaryEdit

Voting ProgressEdit

Contestants Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Final
Preston Theresa Nick Microwave Sean Miranda Win Prettyboi WINNER
Jake Theresa Nick Microwave Grimace Miranda Miffy Hannah WINNER
Renee Win Nick Microwave Grimace Miranda Prettyboi Win WINNER
Janelle Theresa Safe Safe Sean Win Prettyboi Hannah WINNER
Leigh-Anne Theresa Nick Microwave Grimace Safe Prettyboi Hannah WINNER
Jason Safe Nick Microwave Sean Miranda Miffy Prettyboi SECOND
Grimace Theresa Nick Microwave Safe Miranda Miffy Prettyboi SECOND
Prettyboi Jason Janelle Janelle Grimace Leigh-Anne Safe Safe Win SECOND
Bananas Jason Janelle Janelle Grimace Leigh-Anne Prettyboi Hannah SECOND
Nany Theresa Nick Microwave Sean Miranda Miffy Prettyboi SECOND
GG Jason Nick Microwave Griamce Leigh-Anne Miffy Hannah Elim
Sharkira Theresa Janelle Janelle Grimace Leigh-Anne Miffy Hannah Elim
Sarah Theresa Nick Janelle Sean Miranda Miffy Prettyboi Elim
Hannah Theresa Nick Win Sean Miranda Miffy Elim
Miffy Jason Win Microwave Sean Miranda Elim
Miranda Jason Janelle Janelle Sean Elim
Sean Jason Nick Janelle Elim
M Microwave Theresa Janelle Elim
Nick Jason Elim
Theresa Elim
VOTE 10 - 7 11 - 5 9 - 6 7 - 7 9 - 4 8 - 4 6 - 5

Future ChallengesEdit

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Leigh-Anne Pinnock The Island, The Ruins, Paradise Island II The Island $0
Miffy The Island, Cutthroat II, Battle of the Sexes, Free Agents, Bloodlines, The Ruins,
Fresh Meat II, The Gauntlet, Battle of the Seasons II, Cutthroat III, Rivals II,
Besties, Lifelines III, Champs vs. Pros, The Inferno, Total Chaos, Rivals: Bad Blood,
None $0
Miranda Sings The Island, The Gauntlet, Exes II, Bloodlines II, Paradise Island III,
Cutthroat V, Total Chaos, Go Big or Go Home, Free Agents IV,
None $0
Renee Graziano The Island, Bloodlines II None $0
Sean Paul The Island None $0
Shark-Ira The Island, The Gauntlet, Lifelines III, The Duel II,
Battle of the Seasons III, Invasion II, XXX: Dirty 50, Rivals: Bad Blood,
None $0