Rivals III
Season Information
Season No. 36
Location Huatulco, Mexico
No. of Episodes 12
Winners Cayla
Kailah Casillas
Season Chronology
Previous Cutthroat IV
Next Battle of the Seasons III

Rivals III is the 23rd season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 3rd installment of the Rivals Series. Following Rivals & Rivals II proceeded by Rivals: Bad Blood.


They’ve been pissed off. They’ve been wronged. They’ve been betrayed. And now they want vengeance! Rivals is back and the stakes couldn’t be higher! Twenty-six fan-favorites from The Challenge, and Are You The One? will head to exotic Mexico and be paired up with their biggest enemy! However...this time around the game has a shocking twist – players will be paired up with their rival – of the opposite sex! These guys and girls must figure out a way get over their bad blood as they compete in a series of heart-pounding challenges in order to earn a share of the massive $350,000 prize! Tempers will rise, passions will flare, and pride will be on the line in the most shocking season of The Challenge yet!


Player Original Seaosn Finish
Johnny "Bananas" Lifelines Runner-Up
Shane Raines Generations Third Place
Jake Miller Lifelines Episode 10
Kathy Hillis Fresh Meat III Episode 9/DQ
Paul Abrahamian Exes
Jason G Lifelines Episode 8
Zack Arad Spring Break Challenge
Trixie Mattel Battle of the Seasons II Episode 7
Liam W Fresh Meat Episode 6
Luke Hemmings Battle of the Seasons Episode 5
Dillon MacDermant Bloodlines Episode 3/Quit
Connor Franta The Duel
Anthony Bartolotte AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 2
Grimace Fresh Meat Episode 1
Player Original Season Finish
Cayla C Bloodlines Winners
Kailah Casillas AYTO 6: Puerto Rico
Ash Pollard Invasion of the Champions Runner-Up
Hannah B Lifelines Third Place
Joanne The Scammer Lifelines Episode 11
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat
Maria "Remi" Lights Out Episode 10
Ariana Grande Bloodlines Episode 7
Tippie Neff Bloodlines II Episode 6
Toadette Lifelines Episode 5
LaToya Jackson Cutthroat Episode 2
Gabi Victor Generations Episode 2/Quit
Kimora Blac AYTO 5: Dominican Republic
Ashley Kelsey Fresh Meat III Episode 1
Malika Haqq Generations Episode 1/DQ


Partner Partner Team Finish
Cayla C Kailah Casillas      Cayla & Kailah Winners
Johnny "Bananas" Ash Pollard      Bananas & Ash Runners-Up
Shane Raines Hannah B      Shane & Hannah Third Place
Joanne The Scammer Theresa Gonzalez      Joanne & Theresa Episode 11
Jake Miller Maria "Remi"      Jake & Remi Episode 10
Kathy Hillis Paul Abrahamian      Kathy & Paul Episode 9/DQ
Jason G Zack Arad      Jason & Zack Episode 8
Trixie Mattel Ariana Grande      Trixie & Ariana Episode 7
Tippie Neff Liam W      Tippie & Liam Episode 6
Luke Hemmings Toadette      Luke & Toadette Episode 5
Dillon MacDermant Connor Franta      Dillon & Connor Episode 3/QUIT
LaToya Jackson Anthony Bartolotte      LaToya & Anthony Episode 2
Kimora Blac Gabi Victor      Kimora & Gabi Episode 2/QUIT
Ashley Kelsey Grimace      Ashley & Grimace Episode 2
Malika Haqq Theresa Gonzalez      Malika & Theresa Episode 1/DQ


Similer to the Battle of the Exes format, each team participates in numerous challenges, which are followed by an elimination round — "The Jungle." The winning team of each challenge is safe from elimination, while the last-place finisher is automatically sent to the The Jungle. The winning team also earns the right of choosing two teams that will face the last-place finisher in The Jungle. Prior to The Jungle, the two teams nominated by the winning team participate in a elimination draw in which all four participants either draw one of three white skulls or one black skull out of a bag (similar to the Free Agents season). When a participant draws a black skull, his or her team will face the last-place finisher in The Jungle. The team who wins the elimination round returns to the game and has a shot at a $350,000 prize, while the losing team is eliminated from the game.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $275,000 ($137,500 each)
  • Second Place: $50,000 ($25,000 each)
  • Third Place: $25,000 ($12,500 each)

Pre-Season Rivalry BackgroundsEdit

Cayla C & Kailah: During The Duel II, Cayla & Kailah got in a heated argument which later caused Kaliah to urinate in the others bed and tell the whole house "Cayla still wets the bed."

Bananas & Ash: A couple of months early, Bananas was called out on twitter by Ash saying, "There's a reason he (Bananas) has never won, because he literally sucks at everything, just retire." Which caused an enraged Bananas to block her.

Shane & Hannah: ?

Joanne & Theresa: This feud dates back to The Ruins, where Theresa became shocked that her team voted her into a Ruin, where she had to vs Joanne at the elimination; "Crunch", where Joanne then won the Ruin, by allegedly cheating, by using a snorkel to stay underwater longer much to Theresa's dismay and anger. Theresa later became anti-cheaters saying, "Joanne cheats in every season she's on, why hasn't production banned her?"

Jake & Remi: This rivalry started in Lights Out, where Jake & Remi first met on "Team Hannah" and they were civil until Episode 10, where Remi decided to vote Jake into elimination rather than Dallas MacDermant, which caused a major argument between the two to happen that carried on for seasons to come.

Kathy & Paul: Also during The Duel II, Kathy was accepted onto the season as a male, because, she "could compete with the boys," which caused a lot of backlash from the public and also from many of the contestants that season, but the most vocal was Paul. He became sick of Kathy which then prompted him to pick her to duel against, Paul subsequently lost this elimination and has hated her ever since.

Jason & Zack: This one-sided rivalry started in Cutthroat III, where Jason began to dislike and distrust Zack as he believed he was "fake and annoying."

Trixie & Ariana: ?

Tippie & Liam: Tension began during Battle of the Bloodlines II, where Liam would always cast his vote against Tippie in every vote he could, which caused a rift between them and ever since they've been at each others throats.

Luke & Toadette: These two veterans were friends until Invasion of the Champions, where Luke was blindsided when Toadette sent him into a Fortress during Episode 4, because he thought both of the veterans were going to stick together to finally get a win, however Toadette continued to vote him in.

Dillon & Connor: ?

LaToya & Anthony: Weeks before the season, Anthony made a comment on twitter saying, "Toya thinking she'll ever be like Wendy Williams is laughable.." In which LaToya replied, "I'm not trying to be like her, she's an icon. Just because you have the same amount of personality as a brick doesn't mean you can try and come for me boo!" This argument went on for days which sparked production to cast them.

Kimora & Gabi: During their time in Generations, the house began to split into "OG's vs New Gen" where both parties were on different sides fighting for power, however, both girls got into a physical altercation and Gabi had many of her clothes thrown into the house pool.

Ashley & Grimace: Both coming from Fresh Meat III, this pairing has some of the most drama behind them. Grimace had one of his many personality changes this season, from "Queen Grimace" to "Elsa Grimace and then finally to "Thug Grimace." Grimace showed up at the final as "Thug Grimace," where to everyone's shock, he pulled out a gun, shot and injured Ashley, and caused her not to be able to run the final. Jemmye Carrol and Grimace were then removed from the game.

Malika & Theresa: Both heated rivals got into many fights during Generations, where Theresa burnt many of Malika's clothing and the latter ripped many of Theresa's clothing to shreds.

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Power Team Jungle contestants Jungle games Jungle outcome
Last-Place Team Winners' picks Skull pick Winning team Losing team
1 Trixie & Ariana Cayla & Kailah Latoya & Anthony Ashley & Grimace Back It Up Cayla & Kailah Ashley & Grimace
Ashley & Grimace
2 Shane & Hannah Bananas & Ash Kathy & Paul Latoya & Anthony Weight For Me Bananas & Ash Latoya & Anthony
Zexion & Tila
3 Cayla & Kailah N/A
4 Luke & Toadette Jason & Zack Jake & Remi Jake & Remi How Hot N/A
Joanne & Theresa
5 Joanne & Theresa Luke & Toadette Kathy & Paul Tippy & Liam Chill Out Tippy & Liam Luke & Toadette
Tippy & Liam
6 Kathy & Paul Trixie & Ariana Tippy & Liam Tippy & Liam Hear Me Out Trixie & Ariana Tippy & Liam
Jake & Remi
7 Shane & Hannah Trixie & Ariana Kathy & Paul Kathy & Paul Spun Out Kathy & Paul Trixie & Ariana
Cayla & Kailah
8 Joanne & Theresa Jason & Zack Cayla & Kailah Cayla & Kailah Shattered Dreams Cayla & Kailah Jason & Zack
Jake & Remi
9 Jake & Remi Joanne & Theresa Kathy & Paul Kathy & Paul Tunnel Vision Joanne & Theresa Kathy & Paul
Cayla & Kailah
10 Joanne & Theresa Jake & Remi Cayla & Kailah Cayla & Kailah Tunnel Vision Cayla & Kailah Jake & Remi
Shane & Hannah
11 N/A Bananas & Ash Don't Whine for Me, Argentina Bananas & Ash Joanne & Theresa
Joanne & Theresa
Final Cayla & Kailah 2nd place: Bananas & Ash; 3rd place: Shane & Hannah

Jungle ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Final
Cayla & Kailah Jungle Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle Safe Jungle Safe WINNER
Bananas & Ash Safe Jungle Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle SECOND
Shane & Hannah Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe THIRD
Joanne & Theresa N/A Safe Win Safe Safe Win Jungle Win Elim
Jake & Remi N/A Safe Jungle Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Elim
Kathy & Paul Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Jungle Safe DQ
Jason & Zack Safe Safe Safe Jungle Safe Safe Safe Elim
Trixie & Ariana Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle Elim
Tippie & Liam Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle Elim
Luke & Toadette Safe Safe Safe Win Elim
Dillon & Connor Safe Safe Quit
LaToya & Anthony Safe Elim
Kimora & Gabi Safe Quit
Ashley & Grimace Elim
Malika & Theresa DQ