Rivals II
Season Information
Season No. 24
Location Phuket, Thailand
No. of Episodes 11
Winners Bridgette Dunning
Kimora Blac
Season Chronology
Previous Battle of the Exes II
Next Paradise Island

Rivals II is the 23rd season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 2nd installment of the Rivals Series. Following Rivals & proceeded by Rivals III & Rivals: Bad Blood.


Imagine being offered a life-changing amount of money. But the only way to get it is to work with someone who has backstabbed you... Or tormented you... Or defeated you... Or humiliated you... Your biggest enemy!

This season on Rivals II, 32 of the most dynamic Challenge competitors ever will enter the tropical depths of exotic Thailand, only to be paired up with their biggest adversary. These sworn enemies must figure out a way to get over their bad blood and work together in order to earn a share of the massive $350,000 prize!

Not only will these teammates need to work through their own issues, but they will also have to battle their competition in a series of heart-pounding challenges. Here's how it works: there will be male challenge days and female challenge days. After each challenge, the winning team will be safe from elimination. However, the last-place team will be forced to compete in the Jungle, the battleground for a mentally and physically severe elimination round. Then, their fellow competitors will publically vote on the team that will go into the Jungle against them. And this time around, an unprecedented twist to the voting system will send shockwaves through the entire game. These two unlucky Jungle-bound teams will then battle for survival. The winners will get to stay in the game and compete for fortune and glory. However, the losers will be sent home with absolutely nothing. The only way to get a cut of the cash is to make it to the very end and compete in an epic final challenge.

With $350,000 on the line, things are certain to get ugly. Some teams may attempt to put their painful past behind them, while others will struggle to deal with their rocky history. These rivals will push themselves -- and each other -- past their breaking points, sparking new feuds that will erupt both on and off the field. Tempers will flare, fists will be raised, and hearts will be on the line -- as there have never been as many steamy hook-ups or controversial romances as there are this season! Those who can last until the end will compete in a shocking finale unlike anything they've ever seen or expected, in the final race to determine which male and female team will claim the first place prize and be crowned champions of Rivals II.


Male contestants
Player Original Season Finish
CT Tamburello Lifelines Runner-Up
Liam W Fresh Meat Episode 10
Jake Miller Lifelines
Frankie Grande Bloodlines Episode 9
Johnny "Bananas" Lifelines Episode 8
Luke Hemmings Battle of the Seasons
Tyler Posey Rivals II Episode 6
Kian Lawley Exes Episode 5
Hunter Barfield AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 5/DQ
Dillon MacDermant Bloodlines
Zexion Battle of the Seasons Episode 4
Jason G Lifelines Episode 3
Toad Bloodlines Episode 3/Quit
Roman C Lifelines Episode 2
Female contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Bridgette Dunning Fresh Meat II Winners
Kimora Blac AYTO 5: Dominican Republic
Anne-Marie Nicholson Battle of the Seasons Runner-Up
Meg Griffin AYTO 5: Dominican Republic Third Place
Nicole Ramos Fresh Meat
Lisa Origliasso Bloodlines Episode 9
Miffy The Island Episode 7
Joanne The Scammer Lifelines
Nany González Lifelines Episode 6
Amanda Garcia AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 5
Tila Tequila AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 4
Moana Fresh Meat II Episode 3
Sarah Oliver Rivals Episode 3/Out
Janelle Shanks Rivals Episode 2


Fresh Meat Alumni Team Eliminated
Bridgette Dunning Kimora Blac      Bridgette & Kimora Winners
CT Tamburello Anne-Marie Nicholson      CT & Anne-Marie Runner-Ups
Meg Griffin Nicole Ramos      Meg & Nicole Third Place
Liam W Jake Miller      Liam & Jake Episode 10
Frankie Grande Lisa Origliasso      Frankie & Lisa Episode 9
Johnny "Bananas" Luke Hemmings      Bananas & Luke Episode 8
Miffy Joanne The Scammer      Miffy & Joanne Episode 7
Tyler Posey Nany González      Tyler and Nany Episode 6
Kian Lawley Amanda Garcia      Kian & Amanda Episode 5
Hunter Barfield Dillon MacDermant      Hunter & Dillon Episode 5/DQ
Zexion Tila Tequila      Zexion & Tila Episode 4
Jason G Moana      Jason & Moana Episode 3
Toad Sarah Oliver      Toad & Sarah Episode 3/QUIT
Roman Cruz Janelle Shanks      Roman & Janelle Episode 2


Each team participates in numerous challenges, which are followed by an elimination round — "The Jungle." The winning team of each challenge is safe from elimination, while the last-place finisher is automatically sent to the The Jungle. The winning team also earns the right of choosing two teams that will face the last-place finisher in The Jungle. Prior to The Jungle, the two teams nominated by the winning team participate in a elimination draw in which all four participants either draw one of three white skulls or one black skull out of a bag. When a participant draws a black skull, his or her team will face the last-place finisher in The Jungle. The team who wins the elimination round returns to the game and has a shot at a $350,000 prize, while the losing team is eliminated from the game.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $275,000 ($137,500 each)
  • Second Place: $50,000 ($25,000 each)
  • Third Place: $25,000 ($12,500 each)

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Power Team Jungle contestants Jungle games Jungle outcome
Last-Place Team Winners' picks Skull pick Winning team Losing team
1 Meg & Nicole Liam & Jake Tyler & Nany Miffy & Joanne Back It Up Miffy & Joanne Liam & Jake
Miffy & Joanne
2 Tyler & Nany Roman & Janelle Frankie & Lisa Zexion & Tila Weight For Me Zexion & Tila Roman & Janelle
Zexion & Tila
3 Frankie & Lisa Jason & Moana Tyler & Nany Meg & Nicole Chill Out Meg & Nicole Jason & Moana
Meg & Nicole
4 Tyler & Nany Bananas & Luke Frankie & Lisa Zexion & Tila Hear Me Out Bananas & Luke Zexion & Tila
Zexion & Tila
5 Liam & Jake Bridgette & Kimora CT & Anne-Marie Kian & Amanda Spun Out Bridgette & Kimora Kian & Amanda
Kian & Amanda
6 Bananas & Luke Frankie & Lisa Miffy & Joanne Tyler & Nany Shattered Dreams Frankie & Lisa Tyler & Nany
Tyler & Nany
7 CT & Anne-Marie Liam & Jake Miffy & Joanne Miffy & Joanne Tunnel Vision Liam & Jake Miffy & Joanne
Frankie & Lisa
8 Liam & Jake Bananas & Luke Bridgette & Kimora CT & Anne-Marie Don't Whine for Me, Argentina CT & Anne-Marie Bananas & Luke
CT & Anne-Marie
9 Liam & Jake Frankie & Lisa Bridgette & Kimora CT & Anne-Marie Hall Brawl CT & Anne-Marie Frankie & Lisa
CT & Anne-Marie
10 N/A Liam & Jake Don't Whine for Me, Argentina Meg & Nicole Liam & Jake
Meg & Nicole
Final Bridgette & Kimora 2nd place: CT & Anne-Marie; 3rd place: Meg & Nicole

Jungle ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Final
Bridgette & Kimora Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe WINNERS
CT & Anne-Marie Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Jungle Jungle Safe SECOND
Meg & Nicole Win Safe Jungle Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Jungle THIRD
Liam & Jake Elim Win Safe Jungle Win Win Elim
Frankie & Lisa Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Jungle Safe Safe Elim
Bananas & Luke Safe Safe Safe Jungle Safe Win Safe Elim
Miffy & Joanne Jungle Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Tyler & Nany Safe Win Safe Win Safe Elim
Kian & Amanda Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Hunter & Dillon Safe Safe Safe Safe DQ
Zexion & Tila Safe Jungle Safe Elim
Jason & Moana Safe Safe Elim
Toad & Sarah Safe Safe QUIT
Roman & Janelle Safe Elim

Future ChallengesEdit

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Tyler Posey Rivals II none $0