Lifelines: Redemption
Season Information
Season No. 51
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
No. of Episodes 14
Winners Polly Pocket
Cameron Dallas
Season Chronology
Previous XXX: Dirty 50
Next Fresh Meat IV

Lifelines: Redemption is the 51st season of Atv's The Challenge. and the 1st installment of the Redemption series. Spawning a sequel; Lifelines: Redemption II. Originally planned as a one-time spin-off of the Lifelines Series.


32 competitors arrive in Rio de Janeiro where they will find out they will be paired off in a Lifelines twist like no other. They will be put into 16 pairs that they have previously competed in. Partners can be from any Lifelines, Fresh Meat, Rivals, Exes, Bloodlines, Besties, Generations Severed Ties series.


Player Original Season Finish
Cameron Dallas Fresh Meat Winner
Connor Franta The Duel Runners-Up
Liam W Fresh Meat Third Place
Urgot Exes II Episode 13
Dillon MacDermant Bloodlines Episode 11
Zayn Malik Exes II Episode 10
Luke Hemmings Battle of the Seasons Episode 9
Trevor Signorino AYTO 5 Episode 8
Hunter Barfield AYTO 6 Episode 7
Johnny "Bananas" Lifelines Episode 5
Paul Abrahamian Exes Episode 4
Kathy Hillis Fresh Meat III
Jason G Lifelines Episode 3
Roman C Lifelines
Frankie Grande Bloodlines Episode 2
Grimace Fresh Meat Episode 2/REMOVED
Player Original Season Finish
Polly Pocket Generations Winner
Bronte D'Acquisto Battle of the Besties Runners-Up
Hannah B Lifelines Third Place
Tiffany "New York" Pollard Exes II Episode 13
Bridgette Dunning Fresh Meat II Episode 12
Kimora Blac AYTO 5
Nicole Ramos Fresh Meat Episode 11
Perrie Edwards Exes II Episode 10
Helen Kim Fresh Meat Episode 9
Natalie Negrotti Fresh Meat III Episode 8
Gigi Gorgeous Cutthroat II Episode 7
Joanne The Scammer Lifelines Episode 6
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat
Ariana Grande Bloodlines Episode 5
Lisa Origliasso Bloodlines Episode 2
Ashley Kelsey Fresh Meat III Episode 2/Out


Male partner Female partner Team Partner Origins Ex-iled Finish
Cameron Dallas Polly Pocket      Cameron & Polly Pocket Generations
Connor Franta Bronte D'Acquisto      Connor & Bronte Battle of the Besties
Liam W Hannah B      Liam & Hannah Fresh Meat
Third Place
Urgot Tiffany "New York" Pollard      Urgot & New York Battle of the Exes II
Episode 13
Bridgette Dunning      Bridgette & Kimora Rivals II Episode 5 Episode 12
Kimora Blac
Dillon MacDermant Nicole Ramos      Dillon & Nicole Battle of the Besties
Episode 11
Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards      Zayn & Perrie Battle of the Exes II
Episode 10
Luke Hemmings Helen Kim      Luke & Helen Fresh Meat Episode 9 Episode 9
Trevor Signorino Natalie Negrotti      Trevor & Natalie Fresh Meat III Episode 8 Episode 8
Hunter Barfield Gigi Gorgeous      Hunter & Gigi Severed Ties Episode 7 Episode 7
Joanne The Scammer      Joanne & Theresa Rivals III Episode 6 Episode 6
Theresa Gonzalez
Johnny "Bananas" Ariana Grande      Bananas & Ariana Severed Ties Episode 4 Episode 5
Paul Abrahamian      Paul & Kathy Rivals III Episode 3 Episode 4
Kathy Hillis
Jason G      Jason & Roman Rivals Episode 1 Episode 3
Roman C
Frankie Grande Lisa Origliasso      Frankie & Lisa Rivals II Episode 2 Episode 2
Grimace Ashley Kelsey      Grimace & Ashley Rivals III
Episode 2/ REMOVED


Each team participates in numerous challenges, which are followed by an elimination round — "The Dome." The winning team of each challenge earns the title of "Power Team," as well as immunity from entering The Dome, while the last-place finisher is automatically sent to The Dome. The "Power Team" also earns the right of choosing the team that will face the last-place finisher in The Dome. The team who wins the elimination round returns to the game and has a shot at a $350,000 prize, while the losing team is eliminated from the game. After the first 9 "Dome" games, a losing team will have a chance to re-join the competition in "Battle of the EX-ILED," which will pit a newly-eliminated couple against the winner of the previous week's "EX-ILED" winner. EX-ILE matches and mini episodes were shown on and ATV aired a Battle of the EX-iled Recap special after episode 7 showing progress up to that point.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $250,000 ($125,000 each)
  • Second Place: $70,000 ($35,000 each)
  • Third Place: $30,000 ($15,000 each)

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Challenge Winners Dome contestants Dome game Dome outcome
Last Place Winner's Pick Winning team Eliminated
1 Connor & Bronte Dillon & Nicole Jason & Roman Pole Position Dillon & Nicole Connor & Bronte
2 Connor & Bronte Frank & Lisa Liam & Hannah Banded Together Liam & Hannah Frank & Lisa
3 Bridgette & Kimora Urgot & New York Paul & Kathy He Said, She Said Urgot & New York Paul & Kathy
4 Polly & Cameron Ariana & Bananas Urgot & New York Breaking Up Urgot & New York Ariana & Bananas
5 Luke & Helen Natalie & Trevor Bridgette & Kimora Strung Out Natalie & Trevor Bridgette & Kimora
6 Connor & Bronte Joanne & Theresa Liam & Hannah Stacking Up Liam & Hannah Joanne & Theresa
7 Polly & Cameron Urgot & New York Hunter & Gigi Hooking Up Urgot & New York Hunter & Gigi
8 Dillon & Nicole Luke & Helen Natalie & Trevor Hammer It Home Luke & Helen Natalie & Trevor
9 Zayn & Perrie Luke & Helen Liam & Hannah Hall Brawl Liam & Hannah Luke & Helen
10 Connor & Bronte Zayn & Perrie Liam & Hannah X-Battle Liam & Hannah Zayn & Perrie
11 Connor & Bronte Dillon & Nicole Liam & Hannah Banded Together Liam & Hannah Dillon & Nicole
12 Connor & Bronte Bridgette & Kimora Polly & Cameron X-Battle Polly & Cameron Bridgette & Kimora
13 Connor & Bronte Urgot & New York Liam & Hannah X-Battle Liam & Hannah Urgot & New York
Final Polly Pocket & Cameron 2nd place: Connor & Bronte, 3rd place: Liam & Hannah

Dome ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Finale
Polly Pocket & Cameron Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Dome Safe WINNERS
Connor & Bronte Win Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Win Win Win SECOND
Liam & Hannah Safe Dome Safe Safe Safe Dome Safe Safe Dome Dome Dome Safe Dome THIRD
Urgot & New York Safe Safe Dome Dome Safe Safe Dome Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Bridgette & Kimora Safe Safe Win Safe EX-ILE Safe Safe Elim
Dillon & Nicole Dome Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
Perrie & Zayn Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Elim
Luke & Helen Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Dome EX-ILE
Natalie & Trevor Safe Safe Safe Safe Dome Safe Safe EX-ILE
Hunter & Gigi Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe EX-ILE
Joanne & Theresa Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe EX-ILE
Ariana & Bananas Safe Safe Safe EX-ILE
Paul & Kathy Safe Safe EX-ILE
Frankie & Lisa Safe EX-ILE
Grimace & Ashley Safe REMOVE
Jason & Roman EX-ILE

Ex-ile ProgressEdit

Teams 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Luke & Helen Elim
Natalie & Trevor Elim
Hunter & Gigi Elim
Joanne & Theresa Elim
Ariana & Bananas EX-ILE Elim
Paul & Kathy EX-ILE Elim
Jason & Roman EX-ILE EX-ILE Elim
Frankie & Lisa Elim

Notable SnubsEdit

Partners Original Season Reason
Nicole Ramos Lifelines III Casting Issues
Laurel Stucky
Zexion Severed Ties Unused Alternates
Jenna Compono Severed Ties Casting Issues
Liam W
Trevor Signorino Severed Ties Casting Issues
Veronica Portillo
Trishelle Cannatella Fresh Meat III Dustin declined
Dustin Zito
Brian Logan Dales Battle of the Exes II Not on final cast
Alicia Samaan
Roman C Rivals II Roman declined
Janelle Shanks
Addison Montgomery Battle of the Besties Not on final cast
Cheyenne "Rihanna"
Willam Rivals Not on final cast
Victoria Rafaeli
Roman C Battle of the Besties Casting Issues
Sarah Oliver
Anthony Padilla Fresh Meat III Nany declined
Nany González
Cayla C Rivals III Not on final cast
Kailah Casillas
Nany González Lifelines Nany declined
Carly Rae Jepsen
Jenna Compono Bloodlines Briana declined
Brianna Julig