Fresh Meat II
Season Information
Season No. 15
Location Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
No. of Episodes 13
Winners Amber Siyavus
Cameron Dallas
Season Chronology
Previous Lights Out
Next The Gauntlet

Fresh Meat is the 15th season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 2nd installment of the Fresh Meat series. Following Fresh Meat & proceeded by Fresh Meat III & Fresh Meat IV.


Fresh Meat II pairs 15 rookies with 15 veterans from A-TV in one of the most dramatic Challenges to date. Strategy is key in Fresh Meat, and alliances hold more value than friendships. Only the most cunning will survive.


Alumni Original Season Fresh Meat Team Eliminated
Cameron Dallas Fresh Meat Amber Siyavus      Cameron & Amber Winners
Nick Bateman Lifelines Helen Keller      Nick & Helen Runner-Ups
Dallas MacDermant Cutthroat Tatianna "The Realness"      Dallas & Tatianna Third Place
Janelle Shanks Rivals Taylor Lautner      Janelle & Taylor Fourth Place/DQ
Alecia Holden Free Agents Travis Bryant      Alecia & Travis Episode 12
Zexion Battle of the Seasons Bridgette Dunning      Zexion & Bridgette Episode 11
Gigi Gorgeous Cutthroat II Calum Hood      Gigi & Calum Episode 10
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat Tinky-Winky      Theresa & Tinky Episode 9/DQ
Brian Logan Dales Cutthroat Marissa Jade      Brian & Marissa Episode 8
Cloud Strife Free Agents 4minute      Cloud & 4minute Episode 7
Miffy The Island Jack Merridew      Miffy & Jack Episode 6
Nany González Lifelines Luigi      Nany & Luigi Episode 5
Zelda Lifelines Troye Sivan      Zelda & Troye Episode 4
Jason G Lifelines Stacy's Mom      Jason & Stacy's Mom Episode 3
Girls Generation Rivals Brock Zanrosso      GG & Brock Episode 2
Roman C Lifelines Moana      Roman & Moana Episode 1


Each team participates in numerous challenges, which are followed by an elimination round — "Exile." The winning team of each challenge is safe from elimination. The winning team must select one team to go into Exile, the selected team along with the winners will leave the room while the rest of the cast vote in a second team. The team selected by the public vote will join the winner's selection and face off in a grueling elimination outside in the woods. Exile eliminations are sequestered away from the main house and only the winner of it will return to the house for their chance at the main prize.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $200,000 ($100,000 each)
  • Second Place: $60,000 ($30,000 each)
  • Third Place: $40,000 ($20,000 each)

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Challenge Winners Exile contestants Exile game Exile outcome
Winner's Pick Voted In Winners Losers
1 Taylor & Janelle Marissa & Brian Moana & Roman Lost & Found Marissa & Brian Moana & Roman
2 Travis & Alecia Tinky & Theresa Brock & GG Weight For Me Tinky & Theresa Brock & GG
3 Marissa & Brian Taylor & Janelle Stacy & Jason Lost & Found Taylor & Janelle Stacy & Jason
4 Calum & Gigi Troye & Zelda Marissa & Brian Weight For Me Marissa & Brian Troye & Zelda
5 4minute & Cloud Luigi & Nany Calum & Gigi Lost & Found Calum & Gigi Luigi & Nany
6 Marissa & Brian Travis & Alecia Jack & Miffy Weight For Me Travis & Alecia Jack & Miffy
7 Calum & Gigi 4minute & Cloud Marissa & Brian Lost & Found Marissa & Brian 4minute & Cloud
8 Taylor & Janelle Marissa & Brian Calum & Gigi Weight For Me Calum & Gigi Marissa & Brian
9 Tatianna & Dallas Tinky & Theresa Helen & Nick Lost & Found Helen & Nick Tinky & Theresa
10 Travis & Alecia Calum & Gigi Amber & Cameron Weight For Me Amber & Cameron Calum & Gigi
11 Taylor & Janelle Tatianna & Dallas Bridgette & Zexion Lost & Found Tatianna & Dallas Bridgette & Zexion
12 Helen & Nick Travis & Alecia Taylor & Janelle Weight For Me Taylor & Janelle Travis & Alecia
Final Amber & Cameron 2nd place: Helen & Nick, 3rd place: Tatianna & Dallas

Exile ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Final
Cameron & Amber Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Exile Safe Safe WINNERS
Nick & Helen Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Exile Safe Safe Win SECOND
Dallas & Tatianna Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Exile Safe THIRD
Janelle & Taylor Win Safe Exile Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Win Exile DQ
Alecia & Travis Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Exile Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Elim
Zexion & Bridgette Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Gigi & Calum Safe Safe Safe Win Exile Safe Win Exile Safe Elim
Theresa & Tinky Safe Exile Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe DQ
Brian & Marissa Exile Safe Win Exile Safe Win Exile Elim
Cloud & 4minute Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Elim
Miffy & Jack Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Nany & Luigi Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Zelda & Troye Safe Safe Safe Elim
Jason & Stacy's Mom Safe Safe Elim
GG & Brock Safe Elim
Roman & Moana Elim

Future ChallengesEdit

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Amber Siyavus Fresh Meat II, The Island II Fresh Meat II $100,000
Bridgette Dunning Fresh Meat II, Lights Out II, Cutthroat III, Free Agents II, Rivals II, Invasion, Fresh Meat III,
The Inferno, XXX: Dirty 50, Lifelines: Redemption, Challenge 70: Vendettas
Rivals II $21,348
Brock Zanrosso Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Seasons IV, Switch, Invasion III, The Gauntlet II The Gauntlet II $62,500
Calum Hood Fresh Meat II Cutthroat IV, Paradise Island III, Battle of the Sexes II, Rivals: Bad Blood, The Temple, Cutthroat VI None $18,000
Helen Keller Fresh Meat II. Lights Out II None $30,000
Jack Merridew Fresh Meat II, Paradise Island II, Cutthroat IV, Severed Ties, Go Big, The Temple None $0
Luigi Fresh Meat II, Bloodlines II, The Inferno, Bloodlines III, Battle Royale,
The Island III, Switch, The Gauntlet II
The Gauntlet II $102,500
Marissa Jade Fresh Meat II, Invasion II, Severed Ties, XXX: Dirty 50, Exes III, Battle Royale II Battle Royale II $290,000
Moana Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Seasons II, Lights Out II, Cutthroat III, Free Agents II, Rivals II,
Paradise Island, Generations, The Duel II, Battle of the Seasons III, The Ruins II, Invasion II,
Total Chaos, XXX: Dirty 50, Generations II, Rivals: Bad Blood, Battle Royale II
Invasion II $225,015
Stacy's Mom Fresh Meat II, The Gauntlet II, Cutthroat VI None $30,000
Tatianna "The Realness" Fresh Meat II None $20,000
Taylor Lautner Fresh Meat II, Free Agents II, Battle of the Season III, XXX: Dirty 50 None $0
Tinky-Winky Fresh Meat II, Lights Out IV None $0
Travis Bryant Fresh Meat II None $0
Troye Sivan Fresh Meat II, Exes II None $0
4minute Fresh Meat II None $0