Free Agents
Season Information
Season No. 11
Location Punta del Este, Uruguay
No. of Episodes 12
Winners Jason
Season Chronology
Previous Battle of the Sexes
Next Battle of the Bloodlines

Free Agents is the 11th season of Atv's The Challenge. and the 1st installment of the Free Agents Series. Spawning 3 sequels following Free Agents II, Free Agents III & Free Agents IV.


Twenty-eight money-hungry competitors arrive in Punta del Este, Uruguay, expecting to be teamed up with an ex, an enemy, or even a weak rookie. Little do they know, this is an individual game, and they’ll be answering to no one but themselves in the most unpredictable Challenge ever.

The 11th season, Free Agents, forces players to compete on their own in a battle of perseverance and luck. The players will have no idea if they’ll be competing in teams, pairs or as individuals until moments before each challenge begins. Winners are not only safe from elimination, but also have the power to choose one guy and one girl to send in. The losers from that day’s challenge must take part in the game’s biggest elimination twist yet, “The Draw”, where one guy and one girl are selected by pure chance to face the two nominated players in the elimination round. With competitors’ fates being determined by a flip of a card, no amount of strategy can protect them.

A grand total of $350,000 is up for grabs, and with so much money on the line, these already blood-thirsty competitors turn vicious. Heated rivalries will take shape, bitter enemies will clash, and heart-tugging relationships will form. Only the lucky few will face the epic final challenge that starts in dangerous rapids and ends at the top of an active volcano. In the end, this season will find the most worthy challenger yet, the ultimate FREE AGENT.


Male contestants
Player Original Season Finish
01 Jason G Lifelines Winner
11 Charlie Puth Cutthroat II Runner-Up
19 Dallas MacDermant Cutthroat Third Place
04 Cloud Strife Free Agents Episode 11
22 Jack & Jack Free Agents Episode 10
17 Jake Miller Lifelines Episode 9
10 Liam W Fresh Meat Episode 8
06 Roman C Lifelines Episode 7
15 Jacob Whitesides Free Agents Episode 6
28 Emcee Exes Episode 5
14 Zexion Battle of the Seasons Episode 4
03 Grimace Fresh Meat Episode 3
18 Johnny "Bananas" Lifelines Episode 2
02 CT Tamburello Lifelines Episode 1
Female contestants
Player Original Season Finish
07 Sharkeisha The Duel Winner
25 Janelle Shanks Rivals Runner-Up
09 Nany González Lifelines Third Place
23 Saaphyri Windsor Battle of the Seasons Episode 11
26 Miffy The Island Episode 10
24 So Kim Battle of the Seasons Episode 9
20 Cara-Maria Sorbello Battle of the Seasons Episode 8
21 Nicole Ramos Fresh Meat Episode 7
16 Alecia Holden Free Agents Episode 6
13 Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat Episode 5
05 Becky "Buckwild" Battle of the Seasons Episode 4
27 Laurel Stucky Cutthroat Episode 3
08 Honey Lemon Lifelines Episode 2
12 Devyn Simone Free Agents Episode 1


Prior to each challenge, players are informed whether a challenge will be declared as either an individual, pair, or team challenge. For pair and team challenges, T.J. draws names out of a bag — one of each gender, or more for multi-team or pair challenges — that will be designated as captains. For team challenges, the captains will select players that will be split evenly amongst gender. For pair challenges, the captains will either select players of the opposite gender for challenges that are designated as male/female pairs, or the same gender for challenges that are designated as same-gender pairs.

After each challenge, the winning teams/pairs/players are not only safe from elimination, but will also choose one player of each gender to compete in the elimination round. If a challenge is played in a team or pair format, each member of the winning pair/team is safe from elimination. The remaining players will participate in an elimination vote called "The Draw," in which each player will either flip over a "kill card," which has a skeleton symbol, or a blank card. If a player flips over a blank card, that player saves himself/herself from participating in the elimination, however, if a player flips over the "kill card," that player will face the player of the respective gender that was previously voted by the winning team/pair/individual in the elimination. The winning players of each gender return to the game and have a shot at competing for a $350,000 prize, while the losing male and female players are eliminated from the game.

At the end of the season, six players will compete in the final challenge — three of each gender.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $125,000 each
  • Second Place: $35,000 each
  • Third Place: $15,000 each

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Challenge Type Challenge Winners Elimination contestants Elimination games Elimination outcome
Voted In Draw pick Winner Loser
1 2 Teams of 14 Team Black CT Grimace Balls In Grimace CT
Cara-Maria Devyn Cara-Maria Devyn
2 Male/Female Pairs Emcee & Becky Bananas Dallas Wrecking Wall Dallas Bananas
Honey Lemon So So Honey Lemon
3 6 Teams of 4 Team Red Grimace Zexion Looper Zexion Grimace
Laurel Sharkeisha Sharkeisha Laurel
4 2 Teams of 11 Team Red Charlie Zexion Oppenheimer Charlie Zexion
So Becky So Becky
5 Individual Dallas Jacob Emcee Balls In Jacob Emcee
Janelle Saaphyri Theresa Saaphyri Theresa
6 Individual Jake Jacob Roman Looper Roman Jacob
Cara-Maria Alecia Miffy Miffy Alecia
7 Male/Female Pairs Liam & Sasphyri Dallas Roman Wrecking Wall Dallas Roman
Nicole So So Nicole
8 5 Teams of 3 / 2 Team Cyan Liam Jason Oppenheimer Jason Liam
Saaphyri Cara-Maria Saaphyri Cara-Maria
9 Male/Female Pairs Jason & Saaphyri Jake Jack & Jack Wrecking Wall Jack & Jack Jake
So Nany Nany So
10 Individual Cloud Charlie Jack & Jack Wrecking Wall Charlie Jack & Jack
Janelle Saaphyri Miffy Saaphyri Miffy
11 N/A Charlie Vs Cloud Puzzle Pyramid Charlie Cloud
Saaphyri Vs Sharkeisha Sharkeisha Saaphyri
Final Male/Female Pairs & Individual Jason 2nd place: Charlie ; 3rd place: Dallas
Sharkeisha 2nd place: Janelle; 3rd place: Nany

Elimination ProgressEdit

Males Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
01 Jason Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Elim Safe Safe Safe WINNER
11 Charlie Win Safe Safe Elim Safe Safe Safe Win Win Elim Elim SECOND
19 Dallas Win Elim Safe Win Win Safe Elim Safe Safe Safe Safe THIRD
04 Cloud Win Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Win Elim
22 Jack & Jack Safe Safe Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim Elim
17 Jake Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
10 Liam Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Elim
06 Roman Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Elim Elim
15 Jacob Safe Safe Win Safe Elim Elim
28 Emcee Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
14 Zexion Win Safe Elim Elim
03 Grimace Elim Safe Elim
18 Bananas Win Elim
02 CT Elim
Females Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Finale
07 Sharkeisha Win Safe Elim Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim WINNER
25 Janelle Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe SECOND
09 Nany Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim Safe Safe THIRD
23 Saaphyri Win Safe Safe Win Elim Safe Win Elim Safe Elim Elim
26 Miffy Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim Safe Safe Win Elim
24 So Safe Elim Win Elim Safe Safe Elim Win Elim
20 Cara-Maria Elim Safe Safe Win Safe Win Safe Elim
21 Nicole Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
16 Alecia Win Safe Win Win Safe Elim
13 Theresa Win Safe Safe Win Elim
05 Becky Safe Win Safe Elim
27 Laurel Win Safe Elim
08 Honey Lemon Safe Elim
12 Devyn Elim

Future ChallengesEdit

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Alecia Holden Free Agents, Lights Out, Fresh Meat II, Battle of the Seasons II,
Spring Break Challenge, Lights Out II, Cutthroat III, Paradise Island, The Island II,
The Ruins II,Invasion II, Rivals: Bad Blood, Exes III
Paradise Island,
Rivals: Bad Blood
Cloud Strife Free Agents, Fresh Meat II, The Gauntlet, Lights Out II, Exes II, Spring Break: Cancun
Go Big, Paradise Island IV, Invasion III, The Ruins III, Fans vs. Faves
Invasion III $133,333
Devyn Simone Free Agents, Battle of the Seasons III, Go Big, The Island III, Paradise Island IV, Invasion III Battle of the Seasons III $125,000
Jack & Jack Free Agents, Lights Out, Lights Out II, Besties, Paradise Island III, Cutthroat VI None $0
Jacob Whitesides Free Agents, The Gauntlet, Cutthroat III, Exes II, Besties The Gauntlet $27,272