Final Reckoning
Final Reckoning
Season Information
Season No. 80
Location Hermanus, South Africa
No. of Episodes 20
Winners Jason G
Natalie Nunn
Season Chronology
Previous Battle of the Seasons V
Next Collision
Final Reckoning is the 80th season of Atv's The Challenge. and the 1st installment of the Final Reckoning Series. The final part of the first challenge trilogy proceeding XXX: Dirty 50 & Challenge 70: Vendettas


First, Dirty 50 sparked the chaos, Then Vendettas burned everything to the ground, now Final Reckoning will mold the ashes into a new Challenge. This is it. The third chapter to end the epic trilogy saga that pushes our competitors to face the consequences of their actions. All of their recent betrayals, backstabs and wrongdoings will come to head and they must find a way to work together with their biggest vendetta of all! Will they be able to put aside their issues and settle their scores to take home the crown and win $1 MILLION?


Male Contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Jason G Lifelines Winner
Grimace Fresh Meat Runner-Up
Frankie Grande Bloodlines Episode 19
Roman C Lifelines Episode 18
Julian Wilson Champs vs. Pros Episode 17
CT Tamburello Lifelines Episode 15
Blue Toad Big Brother BFM: 1 Episode 15
Luan Santana Big Brother 10 Episode 15 Med
Travis Smith Big Brother 10
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Big Brother BFM: 2 Episode 15/Rem
Jensen McPherson Survivor: Galapagos Islands Episode 13/Out
Jozea Flores Survivor: Mongolia Episode 12
Jean-Luc Bilodeau Big Brother 2 Episode 8
Lucas Cruikshank Fresh Meat IV
Hunter Barfield AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Episode 8
Alex Aiono AYTO 7: United Kingdom Episode 8
Cameron Dallas Fresh Meat Episode 2/Quit
Demetres Giannitsos Big Brother 1
Female Contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Natalie Nunn Lifelines Winner
Hannah Banks Lifelines Runner-Up
Jenna Compono Battle of the Sexes Third Place
Theresa Gonzalez Cutthroat
Ika Wong Big Brother 2 Fourth Place
Moana Fresh Meat II
Tippie Neff Bloodlines II Episode 19
Janelle Shanks Rivals Episode 18
Da'Vonne Rogers Champs vs. Stars II Episode 17
Amanda Garcia AYTO 6 Episode 16
Rydel Lynch Cutthroat IV
Daniele Donato The Duel Episode 15
Erica Mena Free Agents IV
Monica Padilla Real World: San Diego Episode 15
Toadette Lifelines Episode 15
Sammi "Sweetheart" Big Brother BFM: 2 Episode 15/Out
Audrey Tindall Survivor: Galapagos Islands Episode 11/Rem
Leigh-Anne Pinnock The Island Episode 8
Gigi Gorgeous Cutthroat II Episode 8
Mary-Kate Olsen Fresh Meat Episode 8
Khadijah Haqq Bloodlines IV Episode 3/Rem
Nickle Anne Real World: New York
Jade Thirlwall Champs vs. Pros II Episode 3/Rem
Stacy's Mom Fresh Meat II
Jessica Graf Spring Break: Cancun Episode 2/Med


Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Sent to Redemption Finish
Jason G Natalie Nunn      Jason & Natalie N/A Winners
Grimace Hannah B      Grimace & Hannah Episode 10
Jenna Compono Theresa Gonzalez      Jenna & Theresa Episode 4
Third Place
Ika Wong Moana      Ika & Moana N/A Fourth Place
Frankie Grande Tippie Neff      Frankie & Tippie N/A Episode 19
Roman C Janelle Shanks      Roman & Janelle Episode 12
Episode 18
Julian Wilson Da'Vonne Rogers      Julian & Da'Vonne Episode 17
Amanda Garcia Rydel Lynch      Amanda & Rydel Episode 13
Episode 16
Daniele Donato Erica Mena      Daniele & Erica Episode 14 Episode 15
CT Tamburello Monica Padilla      CT & Monica Episode 13
Blue Toad Toadette      Blue Toad & Toadette Episode 12
Luan Santana Travis Smith      Luan & Travis Episode 13
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Sammi "Sweetheart"      Ronnie & Sammi Episode 1
Episode 14
Jensen McPherson Audrey Tindall      Jensen & Audrey Episode 5
Episode 13
Jozea Flores Leigh-Anne Pinnock      Jozea & Leigh-Anne Episode 9 Episode 12
Jean-Luc Bilodeau Lucas Cruikshank      Jean-Luc & Lucas Episode 7 Episode 8
Hunter Barfield Gigi Gorgeous      Hunter & Gigi Episode 6
Alex Aiono Mary-Kate Olsen      Alex & Mary-Kate Episode 1
Khadijah Haqq Nickle Anne      Khadijah & Nickle Episode 2 Episode 3
Jade Thirlwall Stacy's Mom      Jade & Stacy's Mom Episode 1
Cameron Dallas Demetres Giannitsos      Cameron & Demetres Episode 2
Hunter Barfield Jessica Graf      Hunter & Jessica N/A


Contestants are competing in pairs with a prior Vendetta, who are unknown to them until they successfully survive the Opening Challenge. The teams will endure twists such as being eliminated for placing last in challenges, being eliminated by a winning team of a challenge, mercenaries who enter the game if they successfully eliminate another team, and chances to return to the game after being eliminated via the Redemption House. The winning team of the daily challenge wins immunity from elimination and the Power Vote, meaning their vote counts twice against another team. In addition, this season the teams vote in private, but the team voted into the elimination then chooses who they want to compete against, and may only choose from teams that voted for them. They will compete for a share of $1,000,000, with the winner taking all.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $1,000,000 ($500,000 each)

Pre-Season Rivalry BackgroundsEdit

Grimace & Hannah: This has been a one-sided rivalry since Gen 1, Hannah doesn't particularly have any bad blood with Grimace, but Grimace has hated Hannah and has made it known. Will this big rivalry finally blow up?

Jenna & Theresa: This feud started in The Ruins III, in Episode 10, when Theresa sided with Malika and made sure Jenna didn't make the final. She made it known that Jenna didn't deserve the final and Malika did. Will Theresa make sure they don't make another final together?

Ika & Moana: A recent rivalry, that started in Battle Royale II, when Moana and her partner Anthony sent in Ika and her partner Kiyo after they had previously saved them. Moana then had a vendetta against them, yelling at them and making sure they went home. How will they do when they're paired together?

Frankie & Tippie: This is a very heated rivalry that started in Invasion of the Skeletons when Frankie made fun of Tippie, calling her "poor." Ever since the start of Gen 2, anytime they've been on a season, Frankie could continue to call her names. Will this heated rivalry go down in flames?

Julian & Da'Vonne: This is a rookie team to watch, Julian considered strong and Da'Vonne considered smart. They were partnered up on Battle Royale II, but neither of them were happy about it. Julian would call Da'Vonne "weak and a bad mother," which caused them to blow-up. Will their fighting get in the way again?

Søren & Marluxia: Back during The Ruins II, The Champions were on a winning streak. In episode 3 Søren & Marluxia found themselves in the deliberation room together. Marluxia wanted to shift the power on the champion team, and he needed Søren's help. Marluxia warned that Søren would be a target later on if he stuck with the other side. Søren voted with the group and sent in Marluxia into the ruin where he won and returned. In the next episode the challengers took power and Søren was sent into the ruins where he then lost. Marluxia vowed to not let Søren forget about it.

Anthony & Jake: Also in The Ruins II, 1 time challenger and champions Anthony joined the Champions team. He managed to go all the way to the final without going into an elimination. While big named like Dallas, Luke & Cameron all got eliminated. Jake was annoyed that he never "proved" himself during that season and continued his dislike for Anthony throughout gen 2. Jake has made it VERY known he has no love for Anthony.

Trisha & Amanda: During Fresh Meat IV, fresh meat Trisha wanted to get in where she fit in. Trying to impress Vets and mean girls Amanda & Larxene who are good friends with her partner Karen. But after Amanda made some comments and also kicked Trisha out of their room Trisha chose to go with the "fake it til you make it" strategy. Giving Amanda a peace offering of pizza, which Amanda accepted. Unknown to Amanda, Trisha spit on the pizza aswell as talking a ton of shit in interviews about her. While being good to Amanada's face they left on good terms...until the season aired. During the reunion Amanda bum rushed Trisha along with many other girls from the season who jumped in after seeing all the shit Trisha had to say behind their backs.

Briana & Nicole: This twitter beef started when Briana took to twitter to tweet out "Why is Nicole even on the challenge?" and "Who even is Nicole?". Nicole they replied whick sparked a back and forth between the two.

Alecia & Theresa: Both of these Vets have taken their respected breaks from the Challenge, yet their rivalry still lives on after many seasons. Way back on X Alecia & Theresa found themselves in an argument where Theresa brought up Alecia's nudes she sent to Bananas. However unknown to Alecia, those nudes were leaked out and Theresa sent them to all her contacts. They've never been able to see eye to eye on anything since.

Moana & Nany: This fresh rivalry only started during Generations II. In episode 6 the girls on the Old School team were down to Carly Rae, Jonna, Nany, Moana, & Theresa. Nany was friends with all the girls, and knew Moana the least which resulted in her voting her, and Moana was sent into the arena. For the rest of the sason Nany kept voting in Moana, Moana didn't take this too kindly. Moana felt like Nany was fake and a cry baby for complaining she was "over" the season. They fought every round til Moana was finally eliminated right before the final.

Miffy & Jenna: On The Inferno you could tell there was a change in Miffy, she seemed more moody and darker than in past seasons. When Jenna voted in Miffy to go into the Inferno, Miffy lashed out at Jenna. Miffy didn't stop there, she continued to bully jenna throughout the season with Kian. the Bullying resulted in Jenna to have a breakdown in the season. Miffy later stopped the bullying but that didn't change her opinion of Jenna. Since that season has gotten other challenge animals, old and new, to dislike Jenna. Will Jenna and the woodlen creatures make up?

Kendall & Veronica: In Lights Out III Kendall took control in episode 5 by ousting original Captain Luke. With Veronica and Ash behind her, Kendall controlled the voted and kept sending Prompto into elimination. However Veronica was over with the way Kendall was treating not only Prompto, but also herself and Ash. So Veronica got the votes to get Kendall sent in, to Kendall's surprise. Kendall survived and took back her leadership role on the team into the final. However with her bossing her team around and her lack of work in the final resulted in them coming second to solo competitor Gigi Gorgeous. Kendall's team blamed her for their loss and Kendall blames Veronica.

Natalie & Izi: This whole rivalry has to do with Trevor Signorino. Izi & Trevor met on AYTO Dominican Republic. Where they were a perfect match. Their relationship was set to be on the right track until Izi saw where Tiffany "New York" Pollard put her and Trevor were "Friend With Benefits". Trevor denied these claims but Izi wasn't too sure, so they went on a "break". Trevor then went onto the challenge and met Natalie on Fresh Meat III where they instantly clicked. Trevor and Natalie started a relationship from there and Izi was left behind. Izi never liked Natalie on twitter, but on Go Big or Go Home the two met for the first time on a challegne. Instantly fighting and arguing, even though Izi only lasted 1 episode with Natalie before geting eliminated, their rivalry lasted and made a big enough statment!

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Winners Armageddon Teams Armageddon Games Armageddon Outcome
Voted In Called Out Winning Team Losing Team
1 Jensen & Audrey N/A Jade & Stacy's Mom
Ronnie & Sammi
Alex & Mary-Kate
Cameron & Demetres
2 Frankie & Tippie Grimace & Hannah Khadijah & Nickle Think Outside the Box Grimace & Hannah Khadijah & Nickle
4 Jensen & Audrey N/A Jenna & Theresa
5 Ronnie & Sammi Amanda & Rydel Jensen & Audrey Ramp It Up Amanda & Rydel Jensen & Audrey
6 Daniele & Erica Hunter & Gigi N/A No Slack Jason & Natalie Hunter & Gigi
7 Ika & Moana Jean-Luc & Lucas Grimace & Hannah Think Tank Grimace & Hannah Jean-Luc & Lucas
9 Ronnie & Sammi N/A Jozea & Leigh-Anne
10 Jenna & Theresa Grimace & Hannah Frankie & Tippie Tread Lightly Frankie & Tippie Grimace & Hannah
11 Blue Toad & Toadette Blue Toad & Toadette Jason & Natalie Shake It Off
Jason & Natalie Blue Toad & Toadette
Roman & Janelle
13 Ika & Moana N/A Luan & Travis
Amanda & Rydel Grimace & Hannah Shake It Off 2.0
Grimace & Hannah Amanda & Rydel
CT & Monica
14 Ika & Moana N/A Ronnie & Sammi
Jenna & Theresa Daniele & Erica Meet Me Halfway Jenna & Theresa Daniele & Erica
16 Roman & Janelle Amanda & Rydel Jason & Natalie Don't Trip Me Up Jason & Natalie Amanda & Rydel
17 Jason & Natalie N/A Julian & Da'Vonne
18 Frankie & Tippie Roman & Janelle
19 Grimace & Hannah Frankie & Tippie Jenna & Theresa Milk and Cookies Jenna & Theresa Frankie & Tippie
Final Jason & Natalie 2nd place:Grimace & Hannah 3rd place:Jenna & Theresa 4th place:Frankie & Tippie

Armageddon ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Final
Jason & Natalie Arma Safe N/A Safe Safe Arma N/A Safe Safe N/A Arma Win Safe Safe WINNERS
Grimace & Hannah Safe Arma N/A Safe Safe Safe Arma N/A Safe Elim Apoc Arma Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Win SECOND
Jenna & Theresa Safe Safe N/A Out Apoc Safe Win Safe N/A Safe Arma N/A Safe Safe Safe Arma THIRD
Ika & Moana Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Win N/A Safe Safe Safe N/A Win Win N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe FOURTH
Frankie & Tippie Safe Win N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Arma Safe N/A Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Win Elim
Roman & Janelle Arma Elim Apoc Win Safe Out
Julian & Da'Vonne Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe N/A Safe Out
Amanda & Rydel Safe Safe N/A Safe Arma Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe N/A Elim Apoc Elim
Daniele & Erica Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Win Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Elim Elim
CT & Monica Arma Elim
Blue Toad & Toadette Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Arma Elim Out
Luan & Travis Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe N/A Out MED
Ronnie & Sammi Out Apoc Safe Win Safe Safe N/A Win Safe Safe N/A Safe Out REM
Jensen & Audrey Win Safe N/A Win Elim Elim Apoc REM
Jozea & Leigh-Anne Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Safe N/A Out Out
Jean-Luc & Lucas Safe Safe N/A Safe Safe Safe Elim Out
Hunter & Gigi Safe N/A Safe Safe Elim Out
Alex & Mary-Kate Out Elim Out
Khadijah & Nickle Safe Elim REM
Jade & Stacy's Mom Out REM
Cameron & Demetres Out QUIT
Jessica Safe MED

Redemption HouseEdit

Redemption chartEdit

Episode # Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Eliminated teams Apocalypse Apocalypse Outcome
XX Holder XX’s Pick Winners Losers
3 Alex & Mary-Kate Ronnie & Sammi Khadijah & Nickle Balls to the Wall Ronnie & Sammi Alex & Mary-Kate
Jade & Stacy's Mom
8 Jensen & Audrey Jenna & Theresa Jean-Luc & Lucas Pyramid Schemers Jenna & Theresa Jensen & Audrey
Hunter & Gigi
Alex & Mary-Kate
12 Grimace & Hannah Roman & Janelle Jozea & Leigh-Anne That's The Ticket Grimace & Hannah Roman & Janelle
Blue Toad & Toadette Jensen & Audrey Jensen & Audrey Blue Toad & Toadette
15 Daniele & Erica Amanda & Rydel Blue Toad & Toadette King of the Ring Amanda & Rydel Daniele & Erica
CT & Monica Roman & Janelle I Got You Pegged Roman & Janelle CT & Monica

Redemption progressEdit

Teams Episodes
3 8 12 15
Amanda & Rydel N/A Safe Win
Roman & Janelle N/A Safe Lose Safe Win
Daniele & Erica N/A XX Elim
CT & Monica N/A XX Elim
Blue Toad & Toadette N/A XX Lose Out
Luan & Travis N/A MED
Ronnie & Sammi Safe Win N/A REM
Grimace & Hannah N/A XX Win
Jensen & Audrey N/A XX Lose Safe Win
Jozea & Leigh-Anne N/A Out
Jenna & Theresa N/A Safe Win
Jean-Luc & Lucas N/A Out
Hunter & Gigi N/A Out
Alex & Mary-Kate XX Lose Out
Khadijah & Nickle REM
Jade & Stacy's Mom REM

Voting ProgressEdit

Voted into
Cameron & Demetres
1 vote to eliminate
Grimace & Hannah
5 of 15 votes
No Vote Amanda & Rydel
3 of 14 votes
Hunter & Gigi
3 of 14 votes
Jean-Luc & Lucas
5 of 13 votes
No Vote Grimace & Hannah
5 of 12 votes
Blue Toad & Toadette
automatically sent in
Tie Vote Amanda & Rydel
3 of 14 votes
Tie Vote Jenna & Theresa
1 of 1 vote
Amanda & Rydel
5 of 9 votes
Tie Vote Frankie & Tippie
2 of 6 votes
Called Out Khadijah & Nickle
1 of 1 vote
Jensen & Audrey
1 of 1 vote
N/A Grimace & Hannah
1 of 1 vote
Frankie & Tippie
1 of 1 vote
Jason & Natalie
1 of 1 vote
Grimace & Hannah
1 of 1 vote
Frankie & Tippie
1 of 1 vote
Jason & Natalie
1 of 1 vote
Jenna & Theresa
1 of 1 vote
Teams Episodes
1 2 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 13 14 16 19
Frankie & Tippie Grimace & Hannah Amanda & Rydel Amanda & Rydel Amanda & Rydel Grimace & Hannah Jenna & Theresa Grimace & Hannah Grimace & Hannah Grimace & Hannah Jason & Natalie
Ika & Moana Amanda & Rydel Amanda & Rydel Hunter & Gigi Amanda & Rydel Luan & Travis Amanda & Rydel Amanda & Rydel Amanda & Rydel Jenna & Theresa Jenna & Theresa Jenna & Theresa Jenna & Theresa
Jason & Natalie N/A Luan & Travis Ronnie & Sammi Amanda & Rydel Ronnie & Sammi Julian & Da'Vonne Amanda & Rydel Ika & Moana
Jenna & Theresa Blue Toad & Toadette Frankie & Tippie Amanda & Rydel Frankie & Tippie Frankie & Tippie Amanda & Rydel Ika & Moana
Grimace & Hannah Hunter & Gigi Hunter & Gigi Jean-Luc & Lucas Jean-Luc & Lucas Frankie & Tippie Amanda & Rydel Frankie & Tippie Amanda & Rydel Frankie & Tippie Frankie & Tippie
Roman & Janelle N/A Amanda & Rydel
Julian & Da'Vonne Jensen & Audrey Blue Toad & Toadette Ika & Moana Grimace & Hannah Grimace & Hannah Jenna & Theresa Jenna & Theresa Daniele & Erica Jason & Natalie
Amanda & Rydel Blue Toad & Toadette Daniele & Erica Ika & Moana Jean-Luc & Lucas Grimace & Hannah Jenna & Theresa Frankie & Tippie Jason & Natalie
Daniele & Erica Hunter & Gigi Jensen & Audrey Hunter & Gigi Blue Toad & Toadette Julian & Da'Vonne Amanda & Rydel Jason & Natalie Jason & Natalie
Ronnie & Sammi Luan & Travis Jean-Luc & Lucas Julian & Da'Vonne Luan & Travis Ronnie & Sammi Frankie & Tippie
CT & Monica N/A
Jensen & Audrey Cameron & Demetres Grimace & Hannah Amanda & Rydel
Luan & Travis Hunter & Gigi Grimace & Hannah Hunter & Gigi Jean-Luc & Lucas Grimace & Hannah Jenna & Theresa
Blue Toad & Toadette Daniele & Erica Blue Toad & Toadette Ika & Moana Blue Toad & Toadette Grimace & Hannah Julian & Da'Vonne
Jozea & Leigh-Anne Luan & Travis Ika & Moana Ronnie & Sammi Jean-Luc & Lucas
Jean-Luc & Lucas Hunter & Gigi Hunter & Gigi Hunter & Gigi Jean-Luc & Lucas
Hunter & Gigi N/A Grimace & Hannah Jean-Luc & Lucas Grimace & Hannah
Khadijah & Nickle Grimace & Hannah
Cameron & Demetres
Alex & Mary-Kate
Jade & Stacy's Mom
Hunter & Jessica

Notable SnubsEdit

Contestant Original Season Reason
Paras Atashnak Big Brother 11 Alternates
Taylor Nicole Dean Big Brother 11
Bridgette Dunning Fresh Meat II Not on final cast
Anne-Marie Nicholson Battle of the Seasons
Whitney Ruckel Big Brother 11 Not on final cast
Cream The Rabbit Big Brother 11
Katie Hanson ANTM 1 Alternates
Kayla "Winter" Blanco ANTM 1
Anthony Bartolotte AYTO 6: Puerto Rico Not on final cast
Korekiyo Shinguji Real World: New York
Ricki-Lee Champs vs. Pros II Not on final cast
"Rockstar" Lantry Big Brother 13
Winston Hines Big Brother 13 Not on final cast
Selphie The Inferno
Britni Thornton The Temple Alternates
Zayn Malik The Gauntlet
Ariana Grande Bloodlines Alternates
Empress Yzma Drag Race 2
James Charles Spring Break: Cancun Alternates
Ross Lynch Battle of the Seasons III
Max Ehrich Cutthroat V Alternates
Liam W Fresh Meat
Theo James Champs vs. Stars II Alternates
Nick David Battle of the Sexes II
Cassi Colvin Big Brother 10 Pregnant