Battle of the Sexes II
Battle of the Sexes II
Season Information
Season No. 44
Location Montego Bay, Jamaica
No. of Episodes 14
Winners Zexion
Nick David
Prettyboi B
Season Chronology
Previous Severed Ties
Next Lights Out III

Battle of the Sexes II is the 44th season of A-Tv's The Challenge. and the 2nd installment of the Battle of the Sexes Series. Following Battle of the Sexes and proceeded by Battle of the Sexes III


A-TV has finally decided to bring back the fan favourite format Battle of the Sexes in which the Males and the Females compete to see which is the best gender! 32 challenger competitors enter the game, to compete and try to outsmart each other, because Battle of the Sexes is no normal challenge, it's all about Social Connections and Strategic Ability! Which gender will come out on top?


Player Original Season Finish
Zexion Battle of the Seasons Winners
Nick David Battle of the Sexes II
Prettyboi B Lifelines
Roxas Battle of the Sexes II Episode 13
Liam W Fresh Meat Episode 12
Nick Bateman Lifelines Episode 11
Mr. Krabs Invasion of the Skeletons Episode 10
Lolo Jones Champs vs. Pros Episode 9
Connor Franta The Duel Episode 8
Jason G Lifelines Episode 7
Roman C Lifelines Episode 6
Calum Hood Fresh Meat II Episode 5
Alyssa Edwards Fresh Meat III Episode 4
Dillon MacDermant Bloodlines Episode 3
Paul Abrahamian Exes Episode 2
Marluxia Lights Out Episode 1
Player Original Season Finish
That Poppy Spring Break Challenge Runners-Up
Maleficent The Inferno
Hali Ford Severed Ties
Farrah Abraham Lights Out Episode 13
Sarah Patterson Rice Cutthroat II Episode 12
Jasmine Reynaud The Gauntlet Episode 11
Liza Koshy Spring Break Challenge Episode 10
Izi Simundic Spring Break Challenge Episode 9
Simone Biles Champs vs. Pros Episode 8
Star Davis Lights Out II Episode 7
Mary-Kate Olsen Fresh Meat Episode 6
Susie Meister The Gauntlet Episode 5
Kitty Lifelines Episode 4
Veronica Portillo Invasion of the Skeletons Episode 3
Naminé Battle of the Sexes II Episode 2
Tomi Lahren Bloodlines Episode 1


In this season of the Challenge, they are divided by gender, the Males vs. the Females. Each mission gave points based on finish, either with a partner or individually. After each mission, the players with the most points cumulative from each team became the "Inner Circle" and voted off whoever they wanted to. The winner of each challenge would earn a "lifesaver" which could be given to a member of either team; the recipient of the "lifesaver" would enjoy total immunity from being voted out, which created many interesting situations.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $150,000
  • Second Place: $0

Game summaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Winners Inner Circle Life Saver Recipient Voted Off
Team Life Saver Girls Guys Females Males
1 Girls That Poppy, Izi Izi, Kitty, Naminé, That Poppy Liam, Lolo, Nick B, Zexion Liza Tomi Marluxia
2 Guys Calum That Poppy Sarah Kitty Zexion Calum Lolo Alyssa Naminé Paul
3 Girls Liza Izi Mr.Krabs Simone Veronica Dillon
4 Girls Hali Maleficent Kitty Alyssa
5 Girls That Poppy Maleficent Connor Susie Calum
6 Girls Simone Liza Mary-Kate Roman
7 Guys Nick B Nick B Nick D Star Star Jason
8 Guys Liam Roxas Izi Simone Connor
9 Guys Nick D Hali Prettyboi Liam Izi Lolo
10 Guys Roxas Jasmine Roxas Zexion Liza Mr.Krabs
11 Girls That Poppy Sarah Hali Jasmine Nick B
12 Guys Liam Hali Zexion Sarah Liam
13 Guys Zexion N/A Farrah Roxas
Final Guys Nick D, Prettyboi, Zexion 2nd: Hali, Maleficent, That Poppy

Scoreboard progressEdit

Males Episodes
Nick D.833395189110161209257297329359364WINNER
Nick B.161945648699159186204236256
Mr. Krabs4324972106124154166175183
Marluxia 2
Female Episodes
That Poppy 16 34 55 66 114 139 160 193 223 247 295 335 365 LOSER
Naminé 14 24
Tomi 10

Future ChallengesEdit

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
Naminé Battle of the Sexes II None $0
Nick David Battle of the Sexes II, Total Chaos, XXX: Dirty 50, Fresh Meat IV,
Battle of the Exes III, Cutthroat VI, Champs vs. Stars II
Battle of the Sexes II, Cutthroat VI,
Champs vs. Stars II
Roxas Free Agents II, Fresh Meat IV, Battle Royale II None $0