Battle of the Besties
Season Information
Season No. 26
Location Puerto Maldonado, Peru
No. of Episodes 12
Winners Roman
Sarah Oliver
Season Chronology
Previous Paradise Island
Next Invasion of the Champions

Battle of the Besties is the 26th season of Atv's
The Challenge. and so far the 1st & only installment of the Besties Series.


This brand new challenge will featuring 28 challenge alumni Besties fighting for their chance at the grand prize. With personal ties & connections running everywhere no one is safe.Puerto Maldonado, Peru sets the stage for relationship to blossom and alliances to crumble. Can these 14 friendships last through the trials and tribulations of this fast paced & devious season? Things are about to get personal.


Male contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Roman C Lifelines Winners
Cameron Dallas Fresh Meat Third Place
Kian Lawley Exes
Dillon MacDermant Bloodlines Episode 11
Connor Franta The Duel Episode 10
Jason G Lifelines Episode 9
Zack Arad Spring Break Challenge Episode 7
Rob Kardashian Lifelines Episode 6
Grimace Fresh Meat
James Bay Battle of the Seasons Episode 5
Jacob Whitesides Free Agents Episode 4
Jack & Jack Free Agents
CT Tamburello Lifelines Episode 2
Luke Hemmings Battle of the Seasons
Female contestants
Player Original Season Finish
Sarah Oliver Rivals Winners
Janelle Shanks Rivals Runner-Up
Miffy The Island
Nicole Ramos Fresh Meat Episode 11
Bronte D'Acquisto The Duel Episode 10
Hannah B Lifelines Episode 9
Addison Montgomery Battle of the Seasons Episode 8
Cheyenne "Rihanna" Cutthroat II
Nastasia "Stasi" Townsend Cutthroat III Episode 7
So Kim Battle of the Seasons Episode 5
Cara-Maria Sorbello Battle of the Seasons Episode 3
Laurel Stucky Cutthroat
Saaphyri Windsor Battle of the Seasons Episode 1
Becky "Buckwild" Battle of the Seasons


Partner 1 Partner 2 Team Finish
Roman C Sarah Oliver      Roman & Sarah Winners
Janelle Shanks Miffy      Janelle & Miffy Runners-Up
Cameron Dallas Kian Lawley      Cameron & Kian Third Place
Dillon MacDermant Nicole Ramos      Dillon & Nicole Episode 11
Connor Franta Bronte D'Acquisto      Connor & Bronte Episode 10
Jason G Hannah B      Jason & Hannah Episode 9
Addison Montgomery Cheyenne "Rihanna"      Addison & Cheyenne Episode 8
Zack Arad Nastasia "Stasi" Townsend      Zack & Stasi Episode 7
Rob Kardashian Grimace      Rob & Grimace Episode 6
James Bay So Kim      James & So Episode 5
Jacob Whitesides Jack & Jack      Jacob & Jack & Jack Episode 4
Cara-Maria Sorbello Laurel Stucky      Cara-Maria & Laurel Episode 3
CT Tamburello Luke Hemmings      CT & Luke Episode 2
Saaphyri Windsor Becky "Buckwild"      Saaphyri & Buckwild Episode 1


Similar to The Duel format, after each daily challenge the winners will be granted immunity. They must then save a pair and start off a chain re-action of safety until there is one team not chosen. The team last chosen in the picking order will then choose any team other than the winners, to verse in The Ring.

Money for finalists is split as follows:

  • First Place: $200,000 ($100,000 each)
  • Second Place: $70,000 ($35,000 each)
  • Third Place: $30,000 ($15,500 each)

Game SummaryEdit

Elimination chartEdit

Episode # Challenge Winner Ring Contestants Ring Outcome
Wasn't Picked Loser's Choice Winning Team Losing Team
1 Jacob & Jack & Jack Saaphyri & Becky Rob & Grimace Rob & Grimace Saaphyri & Becky
2 James & So Rob & Grimace CT & Luke Rob & Grimace CT & Luke
3 Dillon & Nicole Cara-Maria & Laurel Jason & Hannah Jason & Hannah Cara-Maria & Laurel
4 Addison & Cheyenne Jacob & Jack & Jack Janelle & Miffy Janelle & Miffy Jacob & Jack & Jack
5 Rob & Grimace James & So Addison & Cheyenne Addison & Cheyenne James & So
6 Connor & Bronte Dillon & Nicole Rob & Grimace Dillon & Nicole Rob & Grimace
7 Janelle & Miffy Zack & Stasi Connor & Bronte Connor & Bronte Zack & Stasi
8 Cameron & Kian Dillon & Nicole Addison & Cheyenne Dillon & Nicole Addison & Cheyenne
9 Connor & Bronte Jason & Hannah Dillon & Nicole Dillon & Nicole Jason & Hannah
10 Dillon & Nicole Connor & Bronte Cameron & Kian Cameron & Kian Connor & Bronte
11 Janelle & Miffy Roman & Sarah Dillon & Nicole Roman & Sarah Dillon & Nicole
Final Roman & Sarah 2nd place: Janelle & Miffy; 3rd place: Cameron & Kian

Ring ProgressEdit

Teams Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Final
Roman & Sarah Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Ring WINNERS
Janelle & Miffy Safe Safe Safe Ring Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win SECOND
Cameron & Kian Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Ring Safe THIRD
Dillon & Nicole Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Ring Safe Ring Ring Win Elim
Connor & Bronte Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Win Ring Safe Win Elim
Jason & Hannah Safe Safe Ring Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Addison & Cheyenne Safe Safe Safe Win Ring Safe Safe Elim
Zack & Stasi Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
Rob & Grimace Ring Ring Safe Safe Win Elim
James & So Safe Win Safe Safe Elim
Jacob & Jack & Jack Win Safe Safe Elim
Cara-Maria & Laurel Safe Safe Elim
CT & Luke Safe Elim
Saaphyri & Becky Elim